Our Group


Bonnie FlemingBonnie Fleming (Group Leader)
Proferssor of Physics


Bonnie Fleming, professor of physics, focuses on new physics in the neutrino sector. Fleming is the founding spokesperson of the MicroBooNE collaboration at Fermilab, and its current scientific co-spokesperson  …more…



Antonio Ereditato
Visiting Professor of Physics 


Antonio Ereditato is Visiting Professor at the Physics Department (joint Yale-FNAL position), and Emeritus Professor at the University of Bern. He carried out research activities in the field of experimental neutrino physics, of weak and strong interactions with experiments conducted at CERN, J-PARC, Fermilab and Gran Sasso.   …more…


Reseach Scientist

Dr. Domenico Franco

domenico.franco@yale.eduCurriculum Vitae

Domenico joined the group in 2017 and he is responsible for SBND and DUNE projects at Yale as well as for the local hardware activities. He studied in Italy at University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and got the Ph.D in 2008. He worked in Rome, Bern, Lyon, Zurich being part of different projects, from hadronic physics to dark matter and double beta decay experiments. His field of interest is detector R&D for particle physics with particular interest on argon and xenon TPC. Beside this, he has some interest in neutron physics as well as in finance and economy, especially, in market’s behavior. He played volleyball many years before to became a volleyball coach. During his free time, he like to play guitar, practice sport, and read books.


Dr. Jay Hyun Jo

jayhyun.jo@yale.eduCurriculum Vitae

Jay received his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University in 2015, and joined the high energy neutrino group in 2018. He is currently working on low energy excess search using Wire-Cell technique in MicroBooNE, a novel event reconstruction algorithm with liquid argon time projection chamber. He’s also involved in dark matter experiments with Maruyama group in Yale, COSINE-100 and DM-Ice. Jay loves to read books, listen to music, and watch Yankees beat Red Sox.


Graduate Students

London Cooper-Troendle
Student Year 5


London is working on MicroBooNE data analysis on advancing the Wire-Cell analysis. He focuses on identifying and removing background activity through a cosmic event tagger, on calibrating the charge and dQ/dx measurements, and on validating the Wire-Cell numu selection in general.


Giacomo Scanavini

Student Year 4

giacomo.scanavini@yale.eduCurriculum Vitae

Giacomo was Postgraduate Associate for 6 months and he is now fourth year graduate student from Italy. He got both his bachelor and master degree in Italy, University of Trento and Pisa. Currently, he is involved in the assembly of the SBND field cage and Wire Cell analysis for MicroBooNE. Is also part of DUNE collaboration working on the Argon Cube Near Detector. 


Lee Hagaman

Student Year 2

lee.hagaman@yale.eduCurriculum Vitae

Lee graduated from UC Berkeley in 2019, after working on technology for LXe TPCs. He is now involved with MicroBooNE and SBND analyses, as well as the development of our R&D LArTPC at Yale.


Angela White


 Student Year 1

Angela White graduated from Brown University in 2021 with an undergraduate degree in Physics.
During her time there, she worked on analysis for the LUX and LZ detectors, specifically focusing on metastable xenon production cross sections via inelastic neutron scatters. She is now invloved in MicroBooNE analysis as well as in the SBND Field Cage construction.


Kaicheng Li


Student Year 5





Former members

  • Serhan Tufanli: Postdotoral Fellow at Yale. He has now a CERN Fellow in Switzerland.

  • Elena Gramellini:  Graduate student at Yale, Ph.D 2018. She is currently Lederman Fellow at Fermi National Laboratory in Batavia (IL)

  • Brooke Russell:  Graduate student at Yale, Ph.D 2019. She is currently Chamberlain Fellow at Berkeley Lab

  • Supraja Balasubramanian:  Graduate student at Yale, Ph.D 2020. She is Postdoc at FNAL

  • Xiao Luo: Postdoctoral Associate. She is now Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara.

  • Mitch Soderberg: Researcher Associate at Yale in 2006-2010. He is now Associate Professor at Syracuse University in USA.

  • Roxanne Guenette:  Postdoctoral Associate at Yale in 209-2013 and she is now Associate Professor at Harvard University in USA.

  • Andrzej Szelc: Postdocatoral Associate in 2011-2015. Today he holds the Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh in UK.

  • Alessandro Curioni: Postdocatoral Associate at Yale during the years 2004-2009. He is now Project Associate at CERN in Switzerland.

  • Eric Church: Researcher Scientist at Yale in 2010-2014. Today he works as Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Ariana Hackenburg: Graduate student at Yale, Ph.D 2018. She works today in data science

  • Corey Adams:  Graduate student at Yale, Ph.D 2016. Today, he is Assistant Computer Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory.

  • Kinga Partyka: Graduate student at Yale, Ph.D 2013.  She left reaserch and today she works in finance.

  • Josh Spitz:  Graduate student at Yale, Ph.D 2011. Today, Josh holds the Norman M. Leff  Assistant Professorship at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in USA

  • Steve Linden: Graduate student at Yale,  Ph.D 2010.

  • Elizabeth Himwich

  • Nicole Pereira 

  • William De Rocco

  • Peter Zhang