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  • About the Physics of Dance Class, co-taught and co-developed with Emily Coates, in Symmetry Magazine in May 2014.
  • An article I wrote about active learning for Inside Higher Ed in April, 2014.
  • Article in Yale Alumni Magazine about the Physics of Dance course, 2012.

Teaching Assignments at Yale:

Spring 2014: PHYS 171, 2nd semester, caluculus-based, introductory physics intended for students with a particular interest in the life sciences, taught in the TEAL classroom (technology assisted active learning)

Fall 2013: Co-Taught PHYS 115/THST 115 with Emily Coates, Physics of Dance (also taught in fall 2011)

Spring 2012: PHYS 118, The Physics of Music

Fall 2011: PHYS 115/THST 115 co-taught, The Physics of Dance

Spring 2011: PHYS 166L, General Physics Laboratory, 2nd Semester

Spring 2010: PHYS 110, Modern Physics, algebra-based

Fall 2009: PHYS 205, Introductory Laboratory Course for Physics Majors and Engineers