Sarah Demers

Associate Professor of Physics

Department of Physics, Yale University


260 Whitney Ave.

New Haven, CT 06511


Phone: (203) 432-3720

Fax: (203)432-6175

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I am a member of the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN's Large Hadron Collider.  My group's focus is on the trigger for the experiment and on using tau leptons to discover and characterize particles, including the Higgs boson.  The trigger is responsible for taking the 40 million events that the LHC can provide every second and keeping only a few hundred of them that we can afford to store and analyze.  This process happens at both the hardware and software level and is driven by the physics goals for the experiment.  Our work with tau leptons takes advantage of this heavy, short-lived third generation particle's unique characteristics and strong couplings to many theorized new particles that we hope can help us make progress beyond our current standard model of particle physics.